Pickles Agriculture Ltd recently co-sponsored a South West Scotland Grassland Society event held at Coopon Carse Farm, Newton Stewart.

A farm walk was followed by Lunch and then a talk from Charlie Morgan ('The Grass Master') on 'Getting more from Grass'.

Horizon Seeds kindly donated 5 acres of Grass Seed which was won by Andrew Allison of McNairston Farm, Ayr.

The event was well attended by local farmers from Ayrshire, Dumfries and Wigtownshire.

Important information for farmers collecting Vitagold from Grants Distillery, Girvan.

Due to the recent FEMAS audit, all farmer collections must be done with a trailer that the customer can sheet from the ground. Climbing on the trailer, even if it belongs to the customer in question, will not be allowed. Vehicles must be clean and not carrying any mud of any kind on wheels or tractor and trailer frames.

Also we would advise that over the pre Xmas weeks that all farmer collections are done on a Monday when we can guarantee supply.

Oatfeed - Winter 2010.

Unfortunately there will no Oatfeed available to buy this winter. The reason for this is that it being used as a bio fuel to fuel certain power stations in the UK.

As a result of this, sawdust will be in short supply, we would recommend you give us a call to discuss your needs for sawdust this Winter.

Grain Prices

The volatility in the grain market still continues and as yet there are no signs of it settling down.