About Pickles Agriculture...

Founded as A F Pickles in 1961 by Arnold Pickles, Pickles Agriculture Ltd is a specialist agricultural feed supplier and nutrition consultancy. Our staff members are all animal and cropping nutrition experts who are able to provide specialist advice to the agricultural industry on all aspects of animal and cropping nutrition.

Pickles Agriculture Ltd supply compound feed from three of the largest compounders in the area, this not only enables us to ensure that the farmer gets a competitive price but also allows us to provide the widest and best selection of product to our customers. Our comprehensive range of products combined with our expertise means that we are able to formulate cost effective diets providing performance improvements and increasing your profitability.

We have a detailed knowledge and understanding of all the products that we recommend and are able to source blends from the four main blend suppliers in the area. The majority of our straights come direct from the supplier or importer.

Our feed and cropping product suppliers are all selected for their expertise and commitment to customer satisfaction and high quality, competitively priced products.

For quotes or further information on any of the above services, contact Pickles Agriculture Ltd on 01655 883431 or e-mail service@picklesagri.com.

About Pickles Agriculture